Bass Lessons, Sectionals, Classes and Workshops

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PRIVATE LESSONS: An individual program designed for
each student. One hour lessons only, any advancement level, absolute Beginner to Adult. For more information click here: Lesson Page

SCHOOL BASS SECTIONALS: Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly.

BEGINNER-SWITCHOVER CLASSES: “4 Day Bass Section Make Over” and“9-1-1 Bass Emergency” sectional. Create a bass section out of complete beginners in less than a week. Guarantee a bass section on Monday morning!

MASTER CLASSES: Featuring the individual student  performance or special topics.

BASS ENSEMBLES: Inez’s specialty.  Create concert inserts or  recital material out of 2 or more bassists.  I bring the  music.

“BASS BASH”: The complete bass experience, requires 2 full days minimum.

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