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“…It is difficult to know where to begin in describing to you this magnificent person, innovative and inspiring double bass teacher, music arranger, conference/workshop organizer, and chamber music coach….She attracted students from a wide radius and within four years developed a class of students that are now able to play at the level the colleges are desiring to recruit.  She performs these miracles with her innovative sequence of repertoire, scales and etudes that she has developed over a lifetime of Double Bass passion!….Able to understand and motivate young people to levels to which they cannot imagine themselves attaining.   She is the voice of reason, has solutions to all varieties of problems, is generous with her time, lent imagination to all projects, and much more!   Inez is a unique and treasured individual.”
Mimi Zweig, Director Indiana University String Academy,

“To say that Inez Wyrick is a Pied Piper of the double bass is a huge understatement.  During her time in Bloomington (IN), she recruited a young bass class from the area in virtually weeks, and had them integrated with Mimi Zweig’s violin, viola, and cello classes within a year.  She inspired these children in every way possible.”
Lawrence Hurst, Indiana University

“Inez Wyrick… is one of the great pedagogues of our noble instrument. She has distinguished herself inspiring young bassists to fall in love with music and the bass.  She is a outstanding orchestral performer, arranger and composer of music for solo bass and bass ensembles. I consider it an honor to work with Inez at our Golden Gate Bass Camp (CA), ISB functions and through decades of professional bass gatherings. She is loved by her students and colleagues and I’m honored to have her as a dear friend.”
— Barry Green, bassist-author-teacher

“You have indeed made a tremendous impact in the classical world with your work as one of the leading teachers and inspirations for the young.  You have also proven to be one of the strong voices in the continual quest for higher levels of musical performance on the double bass.”
Jeff Bradetich, University of North Texas

“When I met Inez 21 years ago, I felt as though we had known each other already. She and I have shared the best relationship all these years  – be it playing music together, or just hanging out. She’s been a true inspiration because of her love, humor and unparalleled imagination! When I think of her, my heart smiles!!”
— David Murray, Butler University

“Inez (rhymes with your “highness”) Wyrick makes life worth living.  She has a way of inspiring people and bringing out their highest good. Her students want to play well and she works ’em hard…  I’m also amazed at how she navigates the sea of [other musician’s] egos.  In other words, Ms Wyrick not only plays well with others, she makes bass playing truly enjoyable, and that’s what it’s suppose to be, right?”
Drew Giambrone: bassist, art model and iconoclast, Ashland, Oregon

“Inez Wyrick possesses a strong sense of childish fun and imagination that is well grounded in fine musicianship and instrumentalism.  She is deeply  committed to the complete growth of every student she teaches.”
— Virginia Dixon, Elmhurst University

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