Consultations (Bubbles)

Welcome to the online payment option page for your consultation!

To Make an appointment:
For in person appointments in Amarillo( or other cities, at selected times of the year) contact the secretary. For appointments year round by telephone email here.

By clicking the “ADD TO CART” button below, you may pay for your consultation using your credit card, or your paypal account.  You DO NOT have to be a member of paypal to utilize this payment option.

Consultation payments are still accepted in person, at the time of the appointment, by check, cash or credit card.

Phone/Skype consultations must be paid by utilizing the button below.

Payments will appear on your statement as  “Consultation Service” from “WYRICKSTUDIOS”

Click below to pay for your previously scheduled appointment time, and confirm your appointment time.


Please note: the 45 min options are no longer available.

Consultation Payment

In order to have a smooth online payment procedure, please take note of the following policies:

1. Only pay for a consultation AFTER your appointment has been confirmed.  Do not pay first and then try to book an appointment, as the schedule is often packed well in advance.  As there are no refunds for online payments, if you pay before you have a confirmed appointment time, you run the risk of paying for, but not receiving, an appointment.  In the event of a dispute on this matter, ONLY the official books
of the secretary will be the deciding document.

2. Be sure to include your first name and the day and time of your appointment.  If you are paying for multiple appointments for multiple parties, be certain to include the information for all of the scheduled appointments.

3. Be sure to honor your set appointment time. Cancellations must occur a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your appointment time to be eligible for rescheduling of your appointment time.  For online payments there are NO REFUNDS.  Should you fail to appear for your appointment and have paid online, your payment will not be refunded.

4.  PLEASE NOTE: Special confirmation procedure for Credit Card Payees:Once your appointment day and time has been agreed upon by the acting secretaryyour payment by Credit Card will CONFIRM this appointment.  Appointments NOT CONFIRMED 24 hours in advance will be considered cancelled.

5. If you choose, you may still pay for your appointment in person, using cash, money order or check.  For telephone appointments no cash, only online payment (below), money order or check (by mail).   Credit cards are accepted for all appointments, but are ONLY accepted online, not in person or by mail..

6. Payments from International clients will be converted to US currency.